Circus Injury Study

We are currently seeking participants for our study of injuries related to training and performing in the circus arts. Appropriate candidates are pre-professional (6 hours training a week + 2 shows a year) or professional circus artists ages 13 years through adult that will live in proximity to any of the following facilities throughout the next year: Versatile Arts (Seattle, WA), Kinetic Arts Center (Oakland, CA), MOTH Contemporary Circus Center (Denver, CO), Kinetic Theory (Los Angeles, CA), Sky Candy (Austin, TX) or AcroSports (San Francisco, CA). You will be asked to attend an initial screening visit that should last approximately 1 hour at the circus training center. For the following year after this visit, if you sustain an injury from circus training, you will be asked to schedule an appointment for an injury screening to determine the cause and type of the injury and how it has affected your training.  In addition, each week for one year you will to fill out an online training log to track your activity level related to circus training and performances.

This study will help determine injury incidence and patterns in pre-professional and professional circus artists and relate injuries to specific circus disciplines and other characteristics of the circus artists. We have completed a pilot study at Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland, CA. In Fall 2018 we expanded this study thanks to a grant from Samuel Merritt University to a multi-center study conducted at various circus training facilities across the United States.  There is currently very little research on injuries in circus artists different than dance or various sports. We hope to learn more about what injuries occur with different types of circus training and how often. This research will also examine any relationships with specific type of circus training, age, gender, experience and health status (strength, flexibility, etc.) with the types of injuries that occur. We first need to understand these relationships in order to work towards better strategies for preventing injuries and keeping circus artists healthy.

If you are interested in more information or participating in the study, please click here to complete the contact form or email 


Circus artists who are interested in participating in the injury research study can enroll here and schedule  their first visit. Complete the contact form (see link above) or email for the password.

Circus artists who are currently participating in the injury research study can sign in here to access information, links to the weekly training logs and schedule injury screening visits. 

Research associates can sign in here to access study resources and data collection forms.